A strong university sector that is future focused

Political interference, defunding, and workforce casualisation in the university and TAFE sectors is limiting/damaging to Australia’s growth as a strong and innovative future-focused country.

  • Reason calls for increased job security for casual tutors.
  • Reason calls for investment in science, technology, engineering, the arts and humanities, mathematics, and health.
  • Reason supports a national tertiary education and training system with a unified funding framework across all tertiary qualifications.
  • Reason supports an independent tertiary education pricing authority with greater funding transparency and accountability. 
  • Reason supports a unified tertiary education loan payment scheme.
  • Reason supports the Cutler Report recommendation to address the 'Innovation Gap' as represented by a lack of suitable government assistance and commitment to locally produced innovation, we propose the immediate adoption of a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)-like competitive funding program financed by an amount of money representing 3.25% of the combined R&D budget of all Australian publicly funded research agencies.