It's Time for REASON

REASON is a forward looking movement for pragmatic change in Australia. We’re currently forming a Federal Party to bring commonsense voices together, and deliver real results for the better. REASON intends to liberate people from the two-party stalemate and right wing alternatives that threaten to take us backwards, so that all can flourish.

Why Now?


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    Victorian MP Fiona Patten Introduces Bill to Tax Religious Organisations

    Victorian Upper House MP, Fiona Patten will today first read a Bill in the Victorian Parliament to amend the Charities Act 1978 to exclude the advancement of religion as a charitable purpose. This amendment will ensure that tax exemptions for charities in Victoria only apply to those organisations engaging in objectively charitable works.

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    MP’s Apology Needed Ahead Of Royal Commission’s Report

    The final report by the Royal Commission investigating Institutional Child Sex Abuse will soon be released and its findings will be shocking. Its truth will be welcomed by most people in Australia, however, there are members of parliament and law enforcement officials who repeatedly refused to accept calls for a Royal Commission despite the overwhelming evidence according to Victorian Upper House MP and leader of REASON, Fiona Patten MLC.

    “In 2000 I published a dossier called Hypocrites, on the sexual abuse of children within religious institutions and named hundreds of convicted church clergy as evidence of the need for a Royal Commission,” detailed Fiona Patten MLC.

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