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Hi, I'm Shea Evans. I'm running for the seat of Brunswick because I want politics to be a fair and open process based on evidence and pragmatic solutions, not rusted-on ideologies.

I grew up in country Victoria and moved to Melbourne after finishing school. I've lived in every suburb in the Brunswick electorate, but I settled in Brunswick because of its inclusive and eclectic vibe– and I don’t want to leave! I currently live by myself, and while I love having my own space, living alone has given me a deep understanding of how important it is to be connected to the community. Although I spend a lot of time with my friends and their young families, I know that not everyone feels this sense of belonging. If elected, I will improve the quality of Brunswick's public services to ensure that nobody in our community feels isolated or lonely.

I’ve loved theatre and performing my entire life. Most of my experiences have been in amateur theatre, though I’ve also tried my hand at stand-up comedy (not for the faint-hearted!). For the last eight years, I have been heavily involved in Melbourne’s burgeoning improv scene and am a company member of Soothplayers: Completely Improvised Shakespeare. I have also been a youth leadership volunteer at Y Vic for 20 years, playing a key role in helping young people's voices be heard in government.

As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, I understand how important acceptance and belonging are to people who feel like they don't fit in. I choose to live in the inner north because individuality is embraced, supported, and celebrated by the community. I believe that politics should be instrumental in stamping out discrimination and prejudice, and as a representative of the diverse Brunswick community I will work hard to create a more inclusive society for everyone, everywhere.

Like many people who feel uncomfortable sitting at a desk all day, I regularly go hiking or head to the gym for a dose of physical activity to help clear my mind. I know mental health care is critical for wellbeing. This is why, if elected, I will work hard to ensure that the people of Brunswick have access to essential mental health services.

I have an Arts degree from La Trobe University and am qualified in training, management, and leadership. I have worked in the health and university education sectors locally, nationally, and internationally, which has involved growing communities, building relationships, and strengthening partnerships to achieve mutual success. Politics shouldn’t be any different!

My current work in the cemetery sector is focused on environmental sustainability and innovation, which allows me to shape how these important public spaces are used now and in the future. This work is underpinned by my belief that mitigating and reducing the effects of climate change is a society-wide issue that all politicians, regardless of party or ideology, must be committed to addressing.

If elected as your member for Brunswick, I will work hard to strengthen our society and ensure that the community of Brunswick is represented on the issues that affect us ,- including transport, homelessness, housing availability and affordability, and drug reform. I will also ensure that the progress Reason has already made to establish voluntary assisted dying laws, decriminalise sex work, and advocate for safe and easy access to abortion services isn't eroded by loud minorities looking to enforce their conservative views on others.

The adversarial nature of old fashioned politics isn't inclusive, nor does it inspire confidence. In contrast, progressive politics is all about making considered and well informed decisions that improve people's lives. Doing so requires leaders who truly represent their community and its best interests. This is why I want to be the voice of Reason for the district of Brunswick and ensure that we are heard on the issues that affect us the most.

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