Ron has dedicated most of the last two decades lobbying for secular and human rights causes and serves as the Humanist Society of Queensland president and Secular Public Education Ltd director. These causes are perfectly aligned with those of Reason Australia, including separation of church and state, sensible drug law reform, and voluntary assisted dying.

Not afraid to cause trouble, Ron took on the Commonwealth and Scripture Union Queensland all the way to the high court, not once, but twice, in his constitutional challenge to the National School Chaplaincy Program. In 2014 the high Court delivered a unanimous decision in his favour.

Born and raised in Queensland, Ron’s musical career has seen him living in Melbourne and the US before returning to his home state in 2003.

As Reason Australia senate candidate for Queensland, Ron will be campaigning for the establishment of a federal ICAC, for urgent action on Climate Change and against any prospective religious discrimination legislation. He is also passionate about extending Medicare to cover basic dental and terminating the odious Indue card.

Ron believes that the 2022 federal election will be the most important in his lifetime. As he puts it: “Whichever party wins the next federal election — we’re going to need one hell of a cross bench!”.

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