Drug law reform

From the legalisation of cannabis and the use of psychedelics in the treatment of mental health conditions through to greater funding for rehabilitation services and pill testing, Reason has always advocated for sweeping changes to our drugs laws. It’s kinda our thing.

The problem with criminalising drug use is it mostly impacts those already experiencing disadvantage, such as our Aboriginal brothers and sisters and young people who are just starting out. That just isn’t fair.

Besides, as civil libertarians, we have a belief that adults have the right to chose what they do with their own body - crazy right? Instead of prohibition, we advocate for harm reduction measures and more honest education to help people make safer choices.

If we had our way, states and territories would follow a model similar to Portugal - where drug possession is not a crime. Drug use is a health issue - not a criminal one.
See here for more detailed info on our approach to drug law reform including our campaign to make our driving laws fairer for everyone.

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Getting Religion out of Politics

Some of us believe in a god. A higher power.
Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, Scientology.
Some of us – a huge percentage of the population actually – don’t believe in anything at all.
That’s right. No religion at all.
Whatever you’re into is ok by us, but religion, in whatever form it takes, should never impact on anyone else’s life. But we all know that hasn’t been the case in Australian society. It certainly shouldn’t be part of political life that’s for sure.
We believe that religious organisations should be open and transparent about their activities and we seek to: -

  • Reform anti-discrimination laws to prevent religious organisations from discriminating against anyone.
  • Remove tax exemptions from for-profit businesses owned by religious institutions (while protecting their charitable activities).
  • Remove religious oaths from parliamentary proceedings for good.
  • Extend mandatory reporting laws to all religious institutions; and
  • End exemptions for admissions disclosed in religious confessions

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Climate & Environment

Let’s just be blunt: If we don’t do something about the devastating effects of climate change - then we’re all f*cked.

Reason believes we need a job focussed solutions to achieve net-zero by 2030. We need massive investments in renewable energy, incentives for transitioning to electric vehicles and reducing our reliance on dirty old coal.

Environmental policy should be a cabinet position that sits to the right hand of the Prime Minister and Premiers, not six seats to the left and closest to the exit.

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Sorry fellas, but if you’re a straight, white, male you’ll have to go to the back of the queue for a bit.

Reason has a strong and proud history of advocating for the interest of women, the LGBTIQ community, young people and the most vulnerable in our society.

This is where our policy rubber has really hit the road and we’ve managed to have some impressive wins.

Reason has been key in:

  • The establishment of the Medically Supervised Injecting Centre which has helped treat thousands of people and prevented scores of deaths (a second centre is opening up given the success of this one).
  • Lifting of the Age of Care from 18 to 21. 
  • Laws to establish a Spent Convictions Scheme. Fiona chaired a Parliamentary inquiry into how new laws would give thousands of everyday Victorians the chance to move on with their lives. Read more the parliamentary report here.
  • Tackling Homelessness. Fiona chaired The Victorian Homelessness Inquiry which made sweeping recommendations about how the state needs to address Homelessness urgently in order to help the most vulnerable in our society. From mental health funding to housing and crisis accommodation, the inquiry has been seen as a real wake up and call to action for the government on the issues facing the sector right now. Read more about it here (media and parliamentary report).
  • Abortion rights and medical privacy. The Reason Party introduced laws that meant women couldn't be harassed anymore as they attended health clinics that provided terminations. Gone are the days where religious fundamentalists could spew their vile beliefs at women during one of their most private and sometimes traumatising times. Our laws have been replicated around the nation. We will never stop protecting a woman's right to choose what they do with their own bodies.

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Integrity in politics

Reason has fought hard to change laws at a state level to ensure a more open and transparent democracy. Sometimes we have even supported electoral laws that make it harder for us win a seat in Parliament such as political donations reform. We do it because it’s the right thing to do.

We need a Federal Independent Commission Against Corruption. We’ve been saying it for years. We need to completely reform Federal donation laws.

There’s is a reason that the major political parties don’t want one - they want to flout accountability. We will continue to be a loud voice in the fight to establish what would be an important national body.

Reason believes indigenous Australians should be at the forefront of the decision making process of all government policy and be given the right to make these decisions themselves. 

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