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Hi, I'm Jeremy Cowen, and I'm thrilled to be your Reason Party candidate for Richmond. 

I'm a proud gay man, flight attendant and union member. I live in Collingwood with my partner and our handsome greyhound, Buddy. I am passionate about fostering vibrant and resilient communities where everyone has equitable access to opportunities and support. I believe in swift action on climate change, sensible drug law reform, and integrity in politics. 

The Richmond district is one of Victoria's youngest, most wonderfully diverse electorates. However, young people are systematically under-represented in all levels of government, leading to poor policy decisions that affect our lives. In 2020, I took the opportunity to represent my community by running as a candidate in the City of Yarra local government elections. While not successful, I'm proud to have advocated for sensible, mature governance that meets everyone's needs. I'm particularly proud that some of my election policies have been implemented, including the establishment of the live music venue, Abbots Yard, on Victoria Street. 

Like many other young LGBTQI+ people, I live with depression, anxiety, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Due to instability in the aviation industry, I lived on JobKeeper for two years and spent most lockdowns living alone. Unfortunately, my mental health reached a point where I needed to be hospitalised. Today, one year later, my resilience is strong! I focus on making life better for those in my community who share my struggles, which is greatly rewarding. It pains me to know that, while my experiences have been incredibly challenging, they're not unique to me. My generation is facing a mental health crisis. We must take decisive action to ensure everyone can access the necessary health care and support services. 

I'm running for parliament because I want to use my personal lived experiences to achieve better outcomes for my community. I believe in a government where diversity is not just welcomed but actively encouraged. I stand for all those Victorians who don't feel represented by the major parties that currently dominate politics but fail to serve everyone in the community.

I don't pretend to know all the answers. Still, I promise to listen and work collaboratively with our community to find evidence-based solutions. I value humility and hard work and understand that I need to earn your trust. Richmond comprises numerous communities of people from different cultures and backgrounds, all of whom deserve to be celebrated and supported. If elected, I promise to be a trustworthy, supportive representative for the people of Richmond.


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