Fighting Political Corruption.

There is a lack of adequate checks and balances in parliament, which has resulted in opaqueness, corruption, and a growing mistrust in our elected officials. When the social contract between the people and the government is broken it can have a destabilising effect on society which is damaging to everyone’s health, safety, and security.

  • Reason supports a federal fully-funded and independently powerful Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), with the power to conduct public hearings and launch investigations against current and previous governments, public servants and MPs.
  • Reason supports enshrining proper, sufficient funding levels for bodies such as the Audit Office so that information available on government activity and conduct is timely and detailed.
  • Reason calls for Ministerial and parliamentary codes of conduct that reflect the behaviour that voters expect and that carry consequences for breaches.
  • Reason believes ministerial diaries should be publicly available.
  • Reason supports legislating to protect whistle-blowers and others who expose wrongdoing.
  • Reason supports mandatory cooling off periods between politicians having decision making powers in an industry then getting jobs in that same industry (3 Years)
  • Reason supports rational, frank, transparent and fearless advice from public servants.
  • Reason believes that fostering a better understanding of our parliaments through education is an essential tool of transparency.