Some of us believe in a god. A higher power.
Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, Scientology.
Some of us – a huge percentage of the population actually – don’t believe in anything at all.
That’s right. No religion at all.
Whatever you’re into is ok by us, but religion, in whatever form it takes, should never impact on anyone else’s life. But we all know that hasn’t been the case in Australian society. It certainly shouldn’t be part of political life that’s for sure.
We believe that religious organisations should be open and transparent about their activities and we seek to: -

  • Reform anti-discrimination laws to prevent religious organisations from discriminating against anyone.
  • Remove tax exemptions from for-profit businesses owned by religious institutions (while protecting their charitable activities).
  • Remove religious oaths from parliamentary proceedings for good.
  • Extend mandatory reporting laws to all religious institutions; and
  • End exemptions for admissions disclosed in religious confessions

Support our efforts. Take action now so to show your support for getting religion out of politics