MPs are expected to act in the public interest. They must be required to meet their obligations to the community. 

Reason supports:

  • the implementation of a code of conduct for MPs, enshrined in legislation and enforceable by IBAC 
  • all politicians to be legally bound and required to act in the public interest
  • placing a cap on electoral spending and reporting political donations in real-time
  • establishing and enforcing MPs' expense rules, and removing vague entitlements
  • extending the powers of IBAC to investigate misuse of public funds
  • Ministerial diaries published in real-time - no more secret meetings
  • the use of evidence, research and expert knowledge to support the development of proposed policies
  • embracing rational, frank, transparent and fearless advice from public servants
  • democratic processes for open and honest dialogue with the public, including citizen juries, referendums, and town hall meetings
  • connections between young people and the processes of parliament and government
  • bipartisan long-term planning of social and physical infrastructure
  • changing the standing orders to include non-government business in the Legislative Assembly.