Yolanda Vega is running for a Federal Senate seat to represent Victorians.

“The Senate (or Upper House) is where final decisions are made; in other words, laws cannot be made unless they are approved by the Senate,” says Vega.

“The decisions made in the Senate impact the way we live – from our access to health, education, and housing, to the laws made to keep us out of harm, to how we look after the environment, and the ways we can do business. It is one of the post powerful instruments in the Australian Government.

“I am running for the Senate to represent Victorians and to ensure federal government policies are fair and reasonable – for us the people, for our environment, and for future generations,” says Vega.

Vega is a researcher, advocate, and educator with a deep understanding of how government decisions impact people and communities. She arrived in Australia with her political refugee parents in 1971, aged 6. As a student, business owner and industry leader Vega has witnessed many changes, but none as concerning as what is happening in politics today.

“People are switching off politics because we’ve got such a low standard of leaders with very short-term visions. However, today we need people power more than ever if we want to continue living in a democracy. I am fearful that our democracy could be bought at the next election – the current imbalance of power is giving me nightmares!

“My mission, in running for the Senate, is to:

  1. Help people re-connect to policy and really use their extraordinary power as voters to make a change;
  2.  Fight for transparency, integrity, and anti-corruption to make sure our democracy is not bought or sold by those in power, at the expense of the less powerful
  3. Use scientific evidence to deliver outcomes for our state and to improve/change unfair or damaging policies
  4. Break the cycle of knee-jerk short-term decision-making based on politician’s own narrow views of the world.
  5. Deliver equity for all generations

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