Yolanda Vega will lead the Reason Party’s Victorian Senate Ticket in the federal election.

She is primarily motivated by human rights, protecting children from abuse, and removing political, professional, and cultural barriers for women. Vega is keenly focused on fighting corruption. ‘’Human rights decrease when corruption increases.’’

Vega arrived in Australia in the early 1970s as one of three daughters of Spanish political refugees and offers voters a breadth of professional and personal experience in business and academia.

She has just submitted her PhD thesis on how past successful policies can be replicated to deliver positive outcomes in Australia.

Reason Party Leader, Fiona Patten, is delighted by Vega’s candidacy. ‘’She understands and cares about how government decisions affect individuals and communities. She fits with the Reason Party’s drive to make the place better and fairer for everyone.’’

Vega wants to enter the Federal Parliament to champion equality of opportunity and access to education.

‘’I am grateful for the education I have obtained, and for the opportunities to research, teach and advocate for abused children, women, and small businesses. Now, the Senate is where I can best bring my lived and work experiences together in the public interest.’’

For an interview with Ms Vega contact Rosie Mountjoy: 0477 695 534

For an interview with Ms Patten please contact Michael Short: 0438 804 233

Read through Ms Vega’s full bio here: yolandavega.com

See The Reason Party federal policies here: https://www.reason.org.au/policy_suite