The gradual privatisation and increasing punitive nature of the welfare and support system is not suitable for purpose.

  • Reason calls for income support payments increases of at least $90 per day to bring it above the poverty line. Payments should be indexed annually.
  • Reason calls for the introduction of a job guarantee, coordinated nationally but delivered by local government, not-for-profit organisations, and cooperatives. A job for all those who want one, ending forced unemployment and the poverty associated with lack of private sector employment.
  • Reason strongly opposes the INDUE card for any group of people on government income support.
  • Reason calls for an increase in rental assistance for financially vulnerable people on government assistance payments who do not own their own home.
  • Reason calls for an independent review of Commonwealth Rent Assistance, which should consider the maximum rates and method of indexation of the payment and its interaction with other relevant payments.