After COVID-19 lockdowns the arts in Melbourne have been decimated. If you think about what got you through lockdown, it was likely art, in the form of books, podcasts, films, streaming services and television, gaming, comedy and music. We need to reinvigorate the arts and show artists in Victoria that we have their back and that we are grateful for the role they play in augmenting culture and community.

Reason supports:

  • ensuring all primary school students have access to reasonable, professionally led music education
  • appointing a Minister for Fashion to promote fashion’s role in arts and the Victorian economy
  • redistributing 1% from major arts institutions to small and medium institutions
  • enabling affordable public liability insurance for performance artists and musicians
  • providing learning and travel scholarships for emerging artists, as provided in sport
  • an audit into the viability of a state based 'superannuation' scheme for artists.