Recorded on 9 March a special online event with Jane Caro and Kim Rubenstein.

Jane Caro and Hannah Maher talk with law professor and human rights advocate and independent Kim Rubenstein, discussing the role of the Senate and how the preference system works.

Kim Rubenstein is also running for the Senate in the ACT as an independent - find out more.  

Kim Rubenstein is a distinguished law professor and an expert on how government should be run to serve the best interests of the community. She frequently acts pro-bono in citizenship cases before the High Court of Australia, the Federal Court and the Administrative Appeals Tribunal and has always defended the values of a liberal Democracy. 

Kim has made countless media appearances on ABC programs, such as ‘Q&A’ and ‘Insiders’, as well as SkyNews, and is regularly quoted in the media for her expertise on citizenship and other matters. Kim was a Menzies scholar and chaired the Menzies scholarship committee at ANU. 

Kim is a sixth generation Australian proudly descended from the Jewish convict Henry Cohen, who arrived in Australia in 1833. She has a passion to ensure that our government properly represents the values and interests of the community. 

“The Australian Constitution is out of date, our Parliament is unrepresentative, much needed policy changes on climate, on childcare, on gender sensitive budgeting, on where, when and how we work, on inclusion and reconciliation, on moving toward a republic are stalled. I’m running for the Senate to encourage a different style of politics aimed at breaking the deadlock.”Walkley Award winning author and columnist Jane Caro AM is standing for the Senate at the forthcoming Federal election.

She is standing as a candidate for Reason Australia and her running mate is Hannah Maher.

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