Has the budget left you confused or frustrated? Are you worried about the impact it will have on you, your family and your working life? 

Or does it all seem too abstract to be relevant to you?

In this Reasonings With Jane, Jane Caro talks to two independent economists who offer an alternative perspective to the neo-liberal, small government, market- driven policies that are leaving many behind.

  • Petrol prices are at an all-time high.
  • Real estate prices are at an all-time high.
  • Wages are stagnant.
  • Pensioners, teachers and nurses are struggling.
  • Schools lack adequate ventilation. 
  • Hospitals are in crisis.
  • Universities have been slashed.
  • Climate change demands urgent economic leadership and vision.

But we need new submarines, apparently.

Dr Richard Denniss is the Chief Economist and former Executive Director of the Australia Institute. He is an author and public policy commentator and has been described as ‘ one of the most powerful people in Australia’.

Nicki Hutley has expertise in macro and micro economic forecasting and analysis. She is a Board member For One Million Women and appears regularly on The Drum and The Project.

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