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‘The sweet spot in Australian politics is that huge space full of potential, where the values and interests of all sides come together.  
That can be our future.  It’s up to us.’
– Fiona Patten MP

The Victorian State election will be in November. As the only sitting member of the Reason Party, if we are not successful in retaining my seat, we will cease to have a Voice of Reason in Parliament.

Reason is the only political party willing to do politics differently. But we can only do this with your help.

  • A donation of $250 allows us to reach 35,000 people on social media
  • A donation of $100 means we can purchase 8 yard signs
  • A donation of $35 pays for 350 flyers
Donations to political parties in Victoria are capped at $4210 per term. Donations are tax-deductible up to $1,500 in total, per person, per year.

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Donations to political parties are tax deductible up to $1,500 in total, per person, per year.