Improved, accessible public health for all!

Reason supports:

  • A parliamentary inquiry to develop an urgent recovery plan for our health system
  • A new hospital in the North of Melbourne 
  • Urgent investment to fix the ambulance crisis.
  • GP visits to schools and medical services in poorly served areas using incentives
  • An eating disorder strategy for Victoria
  • establishing health hubs, with the integration of health centres, schools and other services
  • a focus on evidence-based prevention and early intervention throughout the health system 
  • expand and strengthen community and public dental health services
  • funding for research into menopause and reproductive health 
  • increased staffing for all public health services 
  • increased mental health support for public health staff
  • increased funding for public health campaigns around COVID-19, seasonal influenza, neurodiversity, vaping, dementia and stroke
  • facilitation of shared training programs with sister cities in low to middle-income countries to address health care shortages and skill shortages in Victoria, share healthcare knowledge and practice, offer young people working in healthcare diverse experiences and increase diversity in the health care system to address cultural safety
  • the building of brain banks for brain tissue for dementia and memory research
  • support women and trans and non-gender binary folk to look for employment in the public health system by legislating for safe spaces and removal of religious privilege to discriminate 
  • increase access to abortion and emergency contraceptive medication in rural and regional areas of Victoria
  • increase funding for medical staff in rural and regional areas, and develop policies that prioritise staff safety for mobile service staff
  • increase funding for Aboriginal Community Led Organisations to conduct self determined research on health issues affecting Aboriginal people.