“Are your politicians really representing your best interests?”

As a proud Brunswick local, I have so much to give to my community – I would relish the opportunity to represent the people and the community that I love being part of. I am passionate about progressive social change, kindness and common-sense in politics. I’m Rachel Payne and I’m running in the Moreland City Council election.

My focus for Moreland will be on evidence-based, forward-thinking policies and working with all in council to achieve outcomes that enhance our community. All too often party politics takes precedence over getting things done and working together as a collective.

Moreland is an amazing place rich in diversity, culture, intergenerational connections, natural environments and local businesses, all of which should be celebrated and supported by the council for the community.

I will bring a considered and thoughtful approach to issues affecting Moreland and will advocate for:

  • Tackling the climate emergency by ensuring council is proactive in this space.
  • Inclusive community initiatives and resources to ensure all in the community are supported and connected.
  • Revitalising small business opportunities and the local community connection, particularly for the Sydney Road precinct.
  • Providing innovative solutions to supporting the arts and entertainment communities.
  • A targeted approach to gender equity issues and safety within our community, particularly for women.
  • Transparency of government and accountability of council and councillors.
  • Modern, forward-thinking council initiatives that support wellness within the community such as a northern medicinal cannabis dispensary.