Young people and older people are impacted by ageism. Ageism erodes solidarity between generations and limits our ability to benefit from the wonderful things that older and younger people can contribute. 

The WHO says that policy and law can address discrimination and inequality on the basis of age.  

Reason supports:

  • a fully funded state-wide ageing strategy for Victoria
  • appointment of an Ombudsman for Aged Care and Retirement Housing
  • aged care services and facilities that enhance independence and dignity
  • state-wide promotion of  age-friendly and dementia-friendly community planning
  • the Aged Care Diversity Framework 2017, and action plans to ensure equity in care for older Australians
  • increased funding for, and access to services for people experiencing elder abuse
  • the development of primary prevention programs that foster intergenerational social connection and education to prevent ageism and elder abuse, with a particular focus on diverse communities
  • the implementation of all recommendations from the Royal Commission into Aged Care, in particular, reforms to ensure the private system prioritises care above profits
  • the rewriting of the Aged care ACT 1997 to ensure the highest possible standards of care in all aged care homes
  • safe and culturally appropriate care and policy in aged care services for LGBTQIA+ older people

*intergenerational fairness policies are also embedded in education, health and climate which will impact the current and future lives of young people and their offspring.