As a proud resident of the North Richmond Estate, I am passionate about our vibrant community and would be honoured to serve as your local council representative. I’ll be the voice for residents of the Estate and a bring a compassionate, transparent approach to local government for the people of Melba.

Since moving to the estate with my children Kate and Alex in 2014, I’ve worked closely with the community to set up local playgroups and summer activities, helping families build connections with their neighbours. These networks help residents find support for anything from translation services to food items. I am already working hard for the area sitting as a member for various local committees and refence groups in Richmond. My qualifications are in education, social sciences, and disability services.

If elected I’ll bring a compassionate and evidence-based approach to decisions made at council. My focus will be on improving our shared and green spaces while addressing safety and security concerns. I’ll work hard to ensure we have services in place to support our children, the elderly, women escaping violence and those with a CALD background. I’ll work with small business to help our community recover from COVID-19 and bring the same commitment and kindness to the people of the Melba area that I share the estate with.

There are a lot of well-meaning folk out there who like to speak on behalf of the people of Melba, who don’t live here and haven’t shared our experiences. I will be a true, local representative for this wonderful community, ensuring your voice is heard.