Fiona Patten is a Member for Northern Metropolitan Region in the Victorian Parliament’s Legislative Council.

Leader of the Reason Party, Fiona was first elected in 2014 and re-elected in 2018.

Since entering Parliament, Fiona has garnered respect from all sides of politics, working tirelessly to deliver legislative reforms that many thought impossible.

Fiona’s achievements in Parliament include: 

  • Establishing fertility clinic safe access zones from protestors
  • Legalising Uber and other ridesharing services
  • Securing a trial for Victoria’s first medically supervised injecting centre
  • Initiating the Parliamentary Inquiry that led to Voluntary Assisted Dying laws
  • Establishing online e-petitions to Parliament
  • Secured a spent convictions scheme for Victoria (likely implementation 2020)
  • Appointed Chair of a review into the de-criminalisation of sex work in Victoria (likely implementation 2020)
  • Secured a government supported inquiry to reform anti-vilification legislation, including the online vilification of women
  • Established a Parliamentary Inquiry into the legalisation of Cannabis.

Fiona is continually working to improve Victoria further. She is currently pushing for greater religious accountability and separation of church and state, initiating the discussions to remove the Lord’s Prayer from Parliament and to abolish Blasphemy as a crime in Victoria. 

Fiona’s decision to run for political office came after 20 years of advocating for the rights of small business owners, sexual health organisations, sexual freedoms and censorship reforms.

In 2009, frustrated with the lack of social change on censorship, drug law reform, assisted dying and marriage equality, she founded the Australian Sex Party with her partner Robbie Swan. In 2017, the Australian Sex Party was dissolved to make way for the Reason Party, a movement of common sense, where adults are treated as adults, and children as children.

When Fiona isn’t in Parliament – you will find her in a swimming pool or at a restaurant.