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Laura Chipp is the youngest daughter of Australian Democrats founder and former Senator Don Chipp who famously promised "to keep the bastards honest." A lawyer by training, by the age of 30 Laura had been appointed Program Manager (Principal Lawyer) of Victoria's Legal Aid Youth Crime Program, overseeing the statewide program of over 100 lawyers. Due to her expertise in reducing child-related offending, she was offered a secondment to Victoria Police, where she is currently based.

Her strong collaborative skills have seen her offered an ongoing senior leadership role at VicPol. Laura has a Masters of Public and International Law and has previously volunteered assisting children in Uganda and the Philippines, teaching them legal rights and providing critical health information. At home, she has dedicated 10 years and many hours of her own time to assist victims of sexual assault.

Laura is a strong, intelligent and compassionate candidate who would make an exceptional Member for Northcote.





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