How to vote for Nicholas Hope for Essendon

Northern Metro's group voting ticket

Hi, my name is Nicholas, and I am honoured to be your Reason candidate for Essendon.

The major parties have neglected the electorate of Essendon. I am running in the 2022 state election to change that.

I am a proud Unionist, and I organise and advocate for Health and Community Services Union (HACSU) members in Northern Melbourne in the fields of mental health, disability, and drug and alcohol services. In my spare time, you will find me in the garden tending to my numerous plants and vegetables, taking my Burmese cat Oscar for a walk, or spending time with my two beautiful nieces.

My work with HACSU reminds me daily that we desperately need sensible policies grounded in evidence and empathy to ensure people can access the health care services they need whenever they need them. Before moving to Melbourne 20 years ago, I lived in a diverse range of towns and cities in Western Australia and Tasmania. However, my time spent in the remote and isolated communities of the Pilbara taught me how vital comprehensive health care and support services are for everyone in every community. Throughout my career, I have seen the need for improved funding, support and working conditions for our front-line workers so they can best care for everyone in the community. Your postcode or demographic should not affect the resources you can access; everyone deserves safe and easy access to healthcare services.

The electorate of Essendon has one of the most diverse and vibrant communities in Victoria. Unfortunately, as we have all seen recently, both locally and overseas, civil liberties are under attack, from safe access to reproductive health to the vilification of minorities and the infiltration of the far-right in politics. As an LGBTQI+ individual, I am keenly aware of the dangers these present. This is why I vow to stand against any regression of peoples’ rights.

Reason is passionate about putting forward practical, thoughtful and reasonable policies to ensure that individuals and families are fully supported when they need help. As your representative for Essendon, I promise to engage with and listen to everyone to advocate for what matters to you most because I believe that when we come together and discuss what matters to all of us, we can enact the change we need to create a safe and secure society.