REASON launches movement of radical common sense

REASON is the new, forward-looking movement for pragmatic change in Australia. It aims to form parties at both the federal and state levels by mid-2018.

National spokesperson for REASON, Fiona Patten MP, said “The major parties are debilitated by factionalism, corruption and political deadlock. Now it’s extremists who hold the balance of power.”


Patten says that pragmatic solutions to housing affordability, climate change, job insecurity and other important issues are simply not being delivered. “The postal plebiscite on marriage equality is yet another harmful, small-minded act by the Australian government. People are sick of irrational politics. Many are deeply concerned about the future of our country”, she said.


In the 2016 election more than a third of the population voted for a party other than the Coalition or Labor in the Senate. REASON challenges the idea that Australians have to settle for the status quo. We haven’t in the past, and we shouldn’t in the future.

REASON’s Secretary, Dr Meredith Doig OAM FAICD, is a governance specialist and president of the Rationalist Society of Australia. “Proper governance and due diligence in the major parties and even in the medium level parties is at an all-time low as we have seen in the last few weeks”, she said. “Government policies should be based on evidence, reason and secular democratic values, not some outmoded religious doctrine or extremist ideology. REASON will pursue greatly improved standards of governance across all Australian parliaments”.


REASON stands for respect for personal freedom and protection of human rights. REASON is committed to closing the gap for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, for women, and regional Australians. It seeks to redress the inequality that means the top 1% of Australians own more wealth than the bottom 70% combined.

We stand for commonsense policies that are evidence-based; sensible drug law reform, intelligent investment in infrastructure, health and education, ending religious privilege, the right to marry the person you love, the right to die with dignity and a post-carbon economy that works for everyone. REASON will turn politics into something more than a sad joke for young people.

Since being elected to the Victorian parliament in 2014, Fiona Patten has initiated changes to abortion law, drug law reform, ridesharing and voluntary assisted dying. The Safe Access Zone legislation she delivered in 2015 has been praised by all but religious extremists.


REASON intends to liberate people from the two-party stalemate and sinister right-wing alternatives so that all Australians can flourish.

As recent movements in the United States and Europe have said, enough is enough... really is time for REASON.



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