REASON Growing in Australian Politics

Australia’s newest political movement, REASON, has been given a major boost in its second week.

The Australian Cyclists Party (ACP) has taken a decision to deregister as a federal political party and join the REASON movement.

 REASON’s Parliamentary Leader, Fiona Patten MP, warmly welcomed the Cyclists and said that their vision, mission and values fully aligned with those of the Reason Movement. “We fully support ACP policies on road safety, infrastructure, education, health and government accountability and are happy to adopt these into the evolving Reason policy framework”, she said. “All the evidence we have on cycling both as an activity and a philosophy, says that there are major benefits to the Australian community in continuing to roll it along at the highest political levels. These benefits are immediate but more importantly, for the health of generations to come.”

The Australian Cyclists Party was created to bring attention to supporting more people cycling but also the need for a different approach to our transport, health and planning priorities.  These are essential elements of government policy based on evidence and economics not political expediency.

Ms Patten said that when the Greens and Nick Xenophon joined with the Coalition to enact new laws that made it impossible for new minor parties to get elected, it was a natural thing for existing minor parties to form workable coalitions to continue their agendas. “We’ve seen religious and ultra right wing parties like Family First and the Australian Conservatives getting together and so it should come as no surprise that parties based on evidence, rationale thought and progressive values would also coalesce”.

Ms Patten said that as the new movement gathered steam in the months ahead, it would apply for registration and strongly engage in political debate.


REASON spokespersons available for interview



Omar Khalifa: ACP Founder and President


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