Hi, I'm Melanie, your Reason candidate for the Victorian Legislative Council Northern Victoria region.

I am a communication and engagement advisor with a passion for movement building. I have strong values around family, community and the natural environment and my work practice reflects this.

I first bought land in Warburton in 2015, and eventually moved here in 2021. Living in Warby has been a twenty year dream for me. But being a solo parent made that very hard. Solo parenting and navigating the rental market means I have experienced first hand the vulnerability that comes with not being in charge of your own destiny. As a consequence, I am passionate about housing affordability. And especially housing for solo mothers and the elderly.

I care deeply about the natural environment and the world that our children will inherit. My desire is to be able to look my daughter in her eyes, and say "I did everything I could, to make the world a better place for you." We have a long way to go. Ending logging in native forests would be the most logical place to start.

Fiona Patten has achieved so much in parliament on her own...imagine what Fiona plus friends can achieve!

I have a Bachelor of International Development and a Master of Environment. Being trained in community development and strengths based principles, I understand the importance of amplifying the voices of those marginalised, overlooked, and under represented. A well-functioning democracy needs to represents these diverse perspectives and should welcome all of the community.

For too long, our Warby community has been neglected by the major parties. For these reasons, I am proud to stand as your Reason candidate in the Northern region at the election this November.

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