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My name is Margee Glover, and I am your Reason candidate for Pascoe Vale. 

I enjoy reading and visiting art galleries and local markets. I also love seeing live music, especially my husband, a drummer with several local bands. I have owned an electric bike for the past nine years- it has changed my life in terms of fun and fitness!

I have lived in Coburg with my extended family for over 22 years. I have long been involved in school and community groups in the electorate of Pascoe Vale. I have worked with numerous cultural and community organisations during my 35-year career in publishing, arts, and education, which has given me an understanding of the policy and operational context of the cultural and community sectors.

I am particularly passionate about transparency in funding for schools. I was formerly on the School Council at our local public primary school, joining because I was concerned over the School Chaplaincy program. I have recently been involved in Coburg High School’s petition campaign calling on the state government to address the inadequate funding of the school. As the only co-educational public school in the Pascoe Vale electorate, the government must increase funding immediately—our kids deserve better!

As a long-time Coburg resident, I’m tired of seeing the same ineffective approaches to our community’s problems underpinned by the abuse of power and privilege that seems ingrained in our politics. We need equitable long-term solutions to the major issues we currently face and will face in the future. I will work with the community to advocate for evidence-based, transparent, and compassionate policies. I will be an approachable community representative and communicate and collaborate with you to get things done!

This is why I am standing for Pascoe Vale as your candidate for Reason.

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