I have lived in Coburg for over 20 years and have been passionately involved in school and community groups in Moreland.  I have worked with numerous cultural and community organisations during my 30-year career in publishing, arts and education, which has given me an understanding of the policy and operational context of the cultural and community sectors.

Moreland is an awesome place for diversity, culture, parks and multi-generational connections. I am particularly focused on making many aspects of the Moreland – North-East Ward even better and getting us thriving again with an inclusive and supportive Council driven by for evidence-based strategies. I am all about getting things done, working together as a collective and having a council for the community.

Revitalising small business opportunities and the local community connection, particularly for the Sydney Road precinct is important. We are not a community without our shops, cafes and businesses and this has to be recognised and prioritised.

Many people within our community cycled to work or school, or recreationally, including me, and it is important to continue to invest in safe, direct and continuous bike routes, separate from other forms of traffic. But while it is my main form of transport this is not my only means of transport and I feel that while reducing cars in Coburg is a good thing, I think the current policy around this is too punitive, ideological driven and not inclusive. I feel that not enough community input has been considered in developing our parking policies. I would call for a review and further genuine community consultation before this is moved to implementation.

I have had longstanding serious concerns for Victoria’s aging population around how our loved ones are been cared for, now and later in life.  Covid has just amplified these concerns for many in the community and in-home care services need to be increased to allow our elders to live in their homes and communities longer.

Working together with the community I will advocate for the following with commitment and compassion:

  • Inclusive community initiatives and resources to ensure all in the community are supported and connected.
  • Tackling the climate emergency by ensuring council is proactive in this space.
  • Revitalising small business opportunities and the local community connection, particularly for the Sydney Road precinct.
  • Providing innovative solutions to supporting the arts and entertainment communities.
  • A targeted approach to gender equity issues and safety within our community, particularly for women.
  • Transparency of government and accountability of council and councillors.
  • Modern, forward-thinking council initiatives that support well-being within the community such as a Northern Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary.