I’m a proud Abbotsford local, and I’m thrilled to be running as the Reason Party candidate for the Langridge Ward of the City of Yarra.

As an LGBTQI+ youth, I recognize that there is systematic under-representation of people like myself in all levels of government. I am a firm believer that our council should be as varied as the vibrant community it represents.

Working in the aviation industry, I have experienced first-hand the devastation that COVID-19 has caused to our community and economy. Whilst devastating, this affords us the opportunity for swift and pragmatic change for the better.

Council can work with local stakeholders to rejuvenate the Victoria St and Bridge Rd precincts, through improved public amenity and small-business support.  I will advocate for expanded car-share and electric car charging networks in our neighbourhoods.  New buildings must meet the highest environmental standards and all facilities should be readily accessible, for those of all abilities.

I will always prioritise evidence-based policy and community involvement in decision making, ensuring sensible policy is implemented. Similarly, I will work to co-operate with the council to get things done as a collective, without any party politics interfering.

As a young person, I want to see council consult across the breadth of the community, particularly for those who have been traditionally under-represented.

Yarra represents a rich intersection of demographics, cultures, diversity and communities, all which should be supported and celebrated by the council.

I will be advocating for:

  • Fully rejuvenating the Victoria St and Bridge Rd precincts, through improved public amenity and small-business support, jointly with local stakeholders
  • Strengthening and expanding our current recycling and waste management program and making it easier for residents, manufacturers, and local businesses to take part in the process.
  • Expanding car-share policies and creating a framework for electric-vehicle-charging in our streets.
  • Exploring new festivals and events that can be held in our neighbourhoods to support local artists, creatives and small businesses.
  • Ensuring easy accessibility, for those of all abilities, to our streets and public spaces.
  • Ensuring new buildings add to public amenity and hold up to the highest of environmental standards.
  • Exploring better community consultation, particularly those who are typically under-represented, through all avenues available, including social media.