How REASON & Australian Cyclist Party are working together


Read the full press release 'Australian Cyclists Party Endorses Reason Movement'

What are the challenges the Australian Cyclists Party faced that prompted this decision?

Electoral laws  have changed to limit the ability of minor parties to compete and the larger parties have gamed the system to their advantage to lock out the voices of other reasonable parties. This means we are left with high-profile fringe parties based on personality or those with deep pockets. By banding together we believe our voice will be more effective and come to represent more Australians.

Is this the end of the Australian Cyclists Party?

No, today we are announcing that we will be supporting the Reason Movement and that we will not be contesting a separate Australian Cyclists Party federally  and the Australian Cyclists Party has deregistered as Federal political party. Discussions as to what this means for the party to contest at the state level are ongoing but we feel we should maintain an active, independent voice for cycling and will be canvasing our members about how to best do this.

Do members of the Australian Cyclists Party need to change their affiliation?

Australian Cyclists Party encourages  it's members them to join the REASON Party (Reason Australia) as a member at the federal level - this will not affect their current membership status of the ACP at state level.


Next Steps

Sign-up for free  to become a supporting member of REASON Australia whom are in the process of filling for registration as  a NEW Federal political party, when this process is complete you will have become a supporter member of  REASON a Federal political party.