My name is Harry and I’m running for the Victorian Senate.

I’m a retail worker, a small business owner, and an active union member. I’m passionate about workers' rights, LGBTQIA+ issues, the environment, and wider societal equity.

Growing up in rural South Australia outside the town of Eudunda, living a huge part of my life in suburban Victoria, and working in the city: I have a connection to the wide array of the ways Victorians live.

As part of a big family, I know that collaboration and unity towards a goal is the best way to a better society.

I’m excited about the opportunity to represent the State of Victoria, for marginalised groups, the unemployed, the working class, the queer, and everyone who wants to see a better more equitable place to live. We're in the middle of a Climate Emergency and I will push for immediate action on climate change. 

As a small business fashion designer, I’m passionate about onshore manufacturing as much as possible and supporting others in the trade. Victoria has an overwhelming supply of artisans, creators and makers, and they are often overlooked by government as massive contributors to our culture and economy.

I’m running with Reason because I believe in a future that is secular, equitable and environmentally conscious. One where first nations people have a voice, and where housing and health is a human right - not an investment

- Harry Millward