Hi. I’m Guy Barker. I’m running for Yarra City council in the Nicholls Ward.

I’ve have lived with my partner in the local area for years and simply couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

Hospitality has been my trade for over a decade, having run several small to medium venues across the city.  It gives me unique insight into the pressure local small businesses are under right now as we reach for a COVID normal. I want to be part of helping these businesses find their way forward by bringing my passion to the table at a local council level and being part of the solution.

I have always been passionate about politics, in particular I have a desire to find ways to get more young people engaged with the civic process. Nowhere is this more important than at the council level, where the policies and decisions that are made have a practical and material impact upon all of our lives on a daily basis.

If I am granted the privilege of being elected, I’ll advocate for a compassionate and evidence-based approach to tackling the issues that most strongly affect residents. I will be driven by the fundamental values of tolerance and inclusivity, and ensuring that no member of our community is left behind, especially those voices that are often muffled in our political conversation.

I will be advocating for:

  • Improving and expanding upon the existing reforms to recycling and waste management, to simplify the process for residents and to advocate for greater use of recyclable materials by manufacturers and local businesses.
  • Building stronger links across our community, with support for those experiencing disadvantage and isolation from the broader community.
  • A pragmatic and consultative approach towards commercial and residential development protecting the ‘village’ vibe of our community while creating hubs for vibrant and sensible medium-density development.
  • Inclusion of green and open public spaces and ensuring that any developments are built to the highest environmental building standards.
  • Building stronger transparency and oversight, so that local residents have a greater understanding and a louder voice in respect to how their money is spent
  • Advocating for a local, independent community newspaper that ensures that Council is held to account for its expenditure and decision making
  • Advocating for Council to play a greater role in offering jobs, training and apprenticeship pathways to local residents.