Women over 55 are at the highest risk of homelessness in our society.

50 sexual assaults on women take place in aged care per week and no one wants to talk about this shocking statistic.

Now, to add insult to injury, the threat of the Indue card hangs over our senior citizens, robbing them of agency in determining their own lives.

Jane Caro has been a long time campaigner against ageism and a champion of the rights of older women.

This week she talks to Bev Baker, the Chair of the Older Women's Network in NSW about the kind of policies that would address the urgent crisis facing older Australians whether they are living at home or in care.

Beverly Baker has served as the President of the Federation of Parents and Citizens Associations (NSW) advocating for parents with students in public schools. She has been instrumental in the establishment and running of a number of charities, notably the FSHD Global Research Foundation.

Bev is a committed feminist. She is the current CEO of the Aboriginal Education Council. Beverly brings her energy and enthusiasm to assisting older women retain their dignity and relevance in a society that too easily marginalises them.