Pork-barrelling and inequitable public school funding has resulted in access to opportunity for some students, while others experience significant adversity and disadvantage. Reorient our school curriculum to better fit the future!

  • Reason believes all Victorian public schools should be funded to at least the minimum Schooling Resource Standard (SRS), with additional funding for vulnerable communities and students with additional needs.
  • Private schools must have a fee payment cap that meets the same funding standard as all public schools to at least the minimum Schooling Resource Standard. Any school under the cap receives public funding to address the shortfall bringing all schools to a fair and equal standard.
  • Reason calls for significant investment in the provision of vocational, technical, special needs, and gifted education, and in apprenticeships, to broaden opportunities.
  • Reason supports additional funding for the implementation of consent education in all states and territories.
  • Reason supports federal funding for religious chaplains to be diverted to First Nations organisations to provide appropriate First Nations language and cultural education. 
  • Reason calls for the teaching of entrepreneurship and life skills in secondary schools. 
  • Reason wants to see young people equipped to become capable, resilient and ethical adults through appropriate social and relationship education.