Reason acknowledges that family, sexual and domestic violence disproportionately impacts, women children, LGBTIQA+, people with disabilities, and culturally diverse communities.

  • Reason calls for strong and immediate investment in primary prevention, early intervention, victim-survivor support, and perpetrator programs with a focus on community-led and intersectional approaches.
  • Reason calls for restorative justice approaches to sexual, domestic, and family violence, including the establishment of non-adversarial specialist courts for sexual violence.
  • Reason calls for funding emergency accommodation for perpetrators of such violence, to prevent victim-survivors from having to leave their homes.
  • Reason calls for the federal government to establish nationally consistent tenancy legislation for victim-survivors of family, domestic and sexual violence to terminate a tenancy when they need to leave a home, or alternatively maintain an existing tenancy when a perpetrator is removed from a home.
  • Reason calls for the implementation of key recommendations of the Homelessness Inquiry which relate to family violence:
    • Long-term funding for family violence programs that focus on perpetrator interventions
    • trial and evaluate the effectiveness of programs that provide supported accommodation for perpetrators of family violence, linked to compulsory behavioural change programs, including in regional areas.
  • Reason support increased long-term funding for legal and psychological services for victims and survivors