We need to end the war on drugs.

Drug use is treated as a criminal offence rather than a health issue, leading to worse outcomes for individuals and the community as a whole.

  • Reason supports the decriminalisation of the use and possession of all drugs, harm-reduction, and improved access to healthcare - especially early intervention.
  • Reason calls for the creation of a regulated legal market for adult use of cannabis.
  • Reason supports increasing the number of opiate treatment program (OTP) prescribers, and subsidise dispensing fees for OPT medicines.
  • Reason supports trials for the safe supply of hydromorphone as part of the opiate treatment program.
  • Reason calls for reform for electronic vaporizer and liquid nicotine access schemes to reduce complexity for prescribers and individuals, and protecting children.
  • Reason supports the states and territories implementing pill testing and safe injecting health services.