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My name is Ben Sutter, and I am running for the seat of Broadmeadows in the upcoming Victorian state election. As your local member, I will dedicate myself to ensuring that every piece of legislation passed in our parliament serves the interests of everyone. Guided by evidence, not ideology, I will listen carefully, work alongside all community members, and lead with compassion- in true Reason style!

I grew up in Preston, making me a northern suburbs boy through and through. My wife and I moved to Fawkner 12 years ago, and we now have two children. Before having kids, I was a keen cricketer and volunteer junior cricket coach. I previously ran a small family business in the hospitality sector, so I appreciate the challenges faced by self-employed people. Being able to be decisive, honest and reliable are traits that served me well then and still now. My two brothers and I all work in emergency services. This vital community service work requires integrity, collaboration, and communication and negotiation skills. It also requires respectful leadership and humble teamwork.

I am the son of a single mum who was a public school teacher. My wife is also a public school teacher. As such, advocating for our public education system is a personal passion of mine and one of my key policy priorities. I am a founding member of Residents Improving Secondary Education (RISE North), which supports public secondary schools north of Merri-bek. As a firm believer in educational equality, I advocate for funding under-resourced secondary schools in the area. Quality, equitable, and accessible education benefits not only local communities but the well-being of society as a whole. In addition to my work with RISE, I have spent the last four years serving on the council for my children's local public primary school. I have volunteered at many school working bees and fundraising activities during this time.

I also believe that our area's public healthcare facilities desperately need improvement and expansion. The Northern Hospital has been lacking in adequate capacity from the day it opened, and our growing region continues to be neglected. We need a second hospital, not just an upgrade! Healthcare should be proactive- let's keep people well rather than waiting until they are already suffering before providing treatment. We also need to allocate more resources to early intervention mental healthcare and start addressing addiction as a healthcare issue, not a criminal one. This approach is more compassionate and brings social and economic benefits to the whole community.

Public education and public healthcare should not be viewed as 'expenses'. They are investments- the best investments our government can make in the future of our children, communities, and society. They are also fundamental human rights that everyone should have equal access to, especially in a wealthy country like ours.

A well-functioning democracy represents diverse perspectives and welcomes the voices of all community members. It requires people who will negotiate and collaborate. Too often, we see local members who only toe the party line or primarily obstruct progress. For too long, our community has been neglected by the major parties. For these reasons, I am proud to stand as your Reason candidate in the seat of Broadmeadows at the election this November.

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