Freedom from conflict 

Shifts in power in our region put us at possible risk of physical threats, cyber threats, coercion, and control from foreign actors. 

  • Reason demands that the federal government declare a climate emergency!
  • Reason supports the development of a responsible foreign aid policy, based on diplomacy, primarily driven by expanding investment in regional development, and humanitarian foreign aid within the Asia Pacific region.
  • Reason supports the federal government taking action to negate the affects of climate change across the Asia/Pacific region.
  • Reason supports giving Papua New Guinea citizens the same rights to live and work in Australia as New Zealand citizens and offering them legislative protections for fair and safe working conditions.
  • Reason believes that Australia should be credible champions for human rights in the Asia-Pacific region by calling out human rights abuses in other countries and addressing systemic human rights abuses in Australia, such as the unlawful asylum seeker detention and the exploitation of foreign workers.
  • Reason are committed to providing New Zealanders who have made Australia their home a fair pathway to citizenship and equitable access to government services after no more than five years residence in Australia.