Hi, I’m Andrew and I’m running for the seat of Higgins. If given the tremendous honour and privilege to sit in Parliament, I will be striving every day to root out the corruption and cronyism that has left so many disillusioned with our government, and stymied real progress.

I have lived in Higgins almost my whole life, going to school and university here, and working my first job in a local supermarket. My wife, Callie, and I were joined by our young son in 2021 in the heart of lockdown.

In the local area I have been working with community environmental groups on projects like supporting local businesses to reduce waste and foster reusable product use with their customers. Seeing just how much ordinary people want to be part of the solution has been really heartening.

I currently work as a swimming teacher and have done for over 16 years, most of this time within Higgins. It’s a mix of imparting a life skill, giving students confidence and a love for the water, and boosting the health and safety of the community. Several of my former students now teach alongside me.

As well as my aquatic education licenses I have an Honours degree in Film and TV production. Having worked across such diverse fields as education, the arts and agriculture has given me insights into the lives of people all across the community and a range of invaluable perspectives to help me consider the big picture. I have also worked for agricultural and harvest labour businesses, bringing together people wanting to work, with farmers who rely on that help to feed us all.

I’m running for Parliament because I’ve spent all my voting life with the convinced feeling that I, and the people who I share my life with, had no real representation.

As well as a commitment to fighting corruption in parliament, I will be fighting for urgent action on climate change and the separation of Church and State.

Too many MPs are wedded to the party line – regardless of community sentiment or the evidence presented to them. To be a good representative requires you to serve all the people, not just your donors. I want for my community what I have never had: an MP who puts the needs of their people ahead of their own career.

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