Policy Approach and Values

REASON is an inclusive, forward looking and pragmatic movement for real change.

  • REASON is non-partisan
  • REASON is evidenced-based
  • REASON is diverse and inclusive.


REASON will be evidence-based. We will pursue principled and pragmatic policy, with a view to the future. REASON is guided by long-term concerns for the economy and our environment, rather than short-term interest, to ensure justice and prosperity for this, and future generations.

REASON unites people of all genders, ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, beliefs and experiences in the shared determination to extend opportunity to all members of society. REASON embraces diversity, so that all can flourish.

REASON intends to liberate people from the two-party stalemate, and extremist alternatives, so that all can flourish. 

REASON seeks to deliver real change for the better on important issues facing Australia. Redressing inequality. Transitioning to a post-carbon economy. Making housing affordable. Treating asylum seekers humanely. Addressing corruption by the establishment of a Federal anti-corruption body. Levelling the playing field for small business - the nation’s largest employer. Delivering sensible drug law reform. Empowering minorities. Protecting job security whilst embracing technology. And improving education, health and infrastructure. 

Our Four Policy Pillars are:

  • Social policies
  • Economic policies
  • Environmental policies
  • Governance policies.
    For more policy detail, see here.