Next Steps

In February 2018, REASON Australia submitted to the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) all the paperwork necessary to become registered as a new Federal political party. 

The AEC will consider our application and spot check our Members, probably during March or April 2018. If all is in order, the application will then be gazetted for three months. All going well, we should be up and running in time for the next Federal election (whenever that is!)

In Victoria the situation is a bit different. In October 2017, financial members of the registered Australian Sex Party (Victoria) voted overwhelmingly to change the name of the party to Reason Victoria. After two months' gazettal period, the Victorian Electoral Commission formally confirmed this change and so Reason Victoria is now a registered political party in Victoria.

Under Reason Australia regulations, groups in other States or Territories can apply to become recognised as Reason branches. Reason Queensland was so recognised in October 2017, and there have been expressions of interest from people in Tasmania, ACT, NT and Western Australia. 

We call out to all reasonable people who are unhappy with the ways things are heading to engage with REASON.

Members and Leaders of minor and micro parties held back by changes to Senate voting rules, join forces with us!  

Media commentators, journalists, bloggers & social media influencers, get in touch! We need your help spreading the word.

Voters who have previously voted for the major parties but are looking for a reasonable, commonsense alternative, subscribe or follow our social feeds - stay in touch and let us earn your trust.


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