REASON is a new, forward looking movement for inclusive change in Australia. REASON is currently registering as a Federal political party, and aims to form state and territory level parties by mid 2018. REASON stands for reasonable people who want real change for the better. For equality, for sustainability, for freedom. For young people who can’t afford a place to live, to older people who want to be able to die with dignity. It’s time for REASON.

Why now?

The current major parties are paralysed by factionalism, corruption and political deadlock, and extremists hold the balance of power. Pragmatic solutions to housing affordability, climate change, job insecurity and other important issues, are simply not being delivered. Many are deeply concerned about the future of our country. We don’t accept the the status quo. Learn more about why REASON is rising now.

Our approach

Our approach is inclusive. REASON aims to deliver new methods of engagement and consultation, to improve access to the political process, especially for young Australians and minorities. REASON seeks to democratise government institutions and electoral processes. REASON will be future-focused and evidence-based. REASON will pursue principled and pragmatic policy. Learn more about REASON’s approach and values


First, REASON seeks to facilitate more, and more meaningful, participation in democratic processes for all. Second, REASON fights for real change for the better on important issues such as inequality, a post-carbon economy, housing affordability, asylum seeker treatment, job security and accessibility and quality of education, health and infrastructure. Learn more about REASON’s four policy pillars.

Who is REASON?

REASON is a growing movement. Fiona Patten is REASON’s National Spokesperson. Since being elected to the Victorian parliament in 2014, she’s initiated changes to abortion law, drug law reform, ridesharing and voluntary assisted dying. She delivered Safe Access Zones legislation in 2015. Learn more about the reasonable people involved in REASON.


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