Reason's Four Policy Pillars


REASON supports a person's freedom to choose their own lifestyle and way of living, so long as personal choices do not harm others, and respect others’ human rights.

This includes freedom from discrimination and exploitation on the basis of race or nationality, disability, sexuality or gender, religion or belief; and freedom of expression and the right to bodily autonomy.

REASON affirms the enabling and valuable role of lifelong education. REASON will defend Australia’s universal healthcare system, while acknowledging the value of private health as a part of the overall system.


  • primary and secondary education


  • public health
  • mental health
  • sensible drug law reform
  • sexual and reproductive health


  • equal treatment and equal opportunity
  • family violence
  • poverty and unemployment
  • religious privilege


  • creative industries
  • censorship and information.


REASON believes in an export-oriented, globally competitive, market-based economy as the dynamic driver of economic innovation, sustainable growth and prosperity.

We support sensible government regulation to prevent overt market distortions, market failures and blatant inequalities.

We affirm the dignity of fulfilling work, the high value of full employment, and fair and safe workplace practices. We believe governments should work with civil society to address social and economic disadvantage so no one is left behind.

Household incomes

  • individual incomes
  • superannuation
  • tax


  • big business
  • small business


  • housing
  • transport
  • communications
  • towns & cities
  • utilities



REASON is environmentally rational.

We recognise the scientific evidence for human-induced climate change is overwhelming and believe governments must work with the private sector to achieve a post-carbon economy, using both regulatory ‘sticks’ and market-based ‘carrots’, as well as recognising and rewarding innovative solutions.

We will always take an evidence-based approach to managing Australia's land, water, and air; and our plants and animals.

The bush

  • fracking
  • land clearing and forests
  • loss of farmland


  • climate change
  • transport and energy
  • nuclear


  • recycling


  • urban form
  • transport
  • air pollution
  • water.


REASON believes in a free, fair, just and secular Australia.

We believe in the fundamental dignity of all humans, equal under the law of the land. We support the right to privacy, freedom of speech, religion & belief, assembly & association, and freedom from discrimination and exploitation.

We believe Australians are entitled to sound, ethical governance from their politicians, parliaments and public servants, and we uphold the separation of powers between parliament, the executive and the justice system.


  • accountability


  • aboriginal and TSI
  • democratic participation
  • Australian republic

Public services

  • public, private, community sector balance
  • police and crime
  • privacy and data retention
  • government services

International relations

  • aid abroad
  • asylum seekers
  • defence
  • international order

Private sector

  • executive pay
  • government procurement.

For more detailed policies, see here.