Reason FAQs

Is REASON a political party?


REASON is a movement, and is in the process of registering as a Federal political party with the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC). We will also be working with supporters to establish REASON parties at the state and territory level by mid-2018.

How can I be involved?


Right now you can Subscribe (to be kept in the loop), Join (as a supporter member), Spread the Word (to whomever you choose), or Volunteer (for Elections in 2018). More ways to be involved will be available soon!

Can I join if I'm a member of another Party?


Yes you can join and become a member of  REASON Australia which is applying to become a Federal political party, if:


  • You are member of a state-based political party but NOT a Federal political party. You can see an updated list of currently registered Federal political parties on the AEC website
  • If you were a member of the Australian Cyclist Party,  they now only have a NSW registered party so you are free to join the REASON Australia Federal party
  • If you were a member of the Australian Sex Party,  they now only have a VIC registered party so you are free to join the REASON Australia Federal party.
  • You agree to abide by the REASON Australia constitution


Just fill in the short Supporter Membership form. 

What does Membership cost?


Currently you can apply for Supporter Membership for FREE. As we grow and have to fund elections in 2018 we may introduce other categories of membership and some membership fees to help us cover our increased costs.

Is REASON affiliated with any other parties?


We’re currently discussions with dozens of forward looking people, including leaders and members of minor parties, as well as other commonsense voices across Australia. REASON is not formally affiliated with any other parties, no.

Who is the typical REASON voter?


Anyone who is reasonable and forward looking.

Why did REASON start?


REASON began in response to looming and unsolved problems facing Australia. The current major parties are paralysed by factionalism, corruption and political deadlock. Extremists hold the balance of power. Pragmatic solutions to housing affordability, climate change, job insecurity and other important issues are simply not being delivered. And many are deeply concerned about the future of our country. Read more about why it's time for REASON.

Will REASON be contesting the next election?


REASON intends to field candidates at the next Federal Election. We encourage reasonable, forward looking people who want to be a part of a movement for real change for the better - for equality, sustainability and human rights - to engage with us! SubscribeFollow us on Social MediaContact Us, or Join!

What does REASON stand for?


REASON stands for reasonable people who want real change for the better. REASON is forward looking and evidenced-based (read more about our Approach). REASON stands for equality, for sustainability, and for freedom (read more about our Objectives). For young people who can’t afford a place to live, and older people who want to be able to die with dignity. REASON unites people of all genders, ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, beliefs and experiences so that all can flourish.

What are REASON's policies?


We are currently drafting our policies - please refer to our Objectives page in the meantime. We will be revealing policy in the coming weeks, along with our spokespeople. Subscribe or Follow us on Social to be updated.

Who is involved in REASON?


REASON's spokesperson is Fiona Patten MP. There are a range of reasonable, forward looking voices already involved in the REASON movement. It's a diverse and inclusive group, and it's growing at a rate of knots. People disaffected with the major parties, people abandoning minor parties, and many with no previous political commitments. REASON involves people from across the political spectrum. We urge you to subscribe, follow us on social, or join!

What is REASON's Constitution?


You can download  the Constitution of Reason Australia Incorporated here

How REASON & Australian Cyclist Party are working together


Read the full press release 'Australian Cyclists Party Endorses Reason Movement'

What are the challenges the Australian Cyclists Party faced that prompted this decision?

Electoral laws  have changed to limit the ability of minor parties to compete and the larger parties have gamed the system to their advantage to lock out the voices of other reasonable parties. This means we are left with high-profile fringe parties based on personality or those with deep pockets. By banding together we believe our voice will be more effective and come to represent more Australians.

Is this the end of the Australian Cyclists Party?

No, today we are announcing that we will be supporting the Reason Movement and that we will not be contesting a separate Australian Cyclists Party federally  and the Australian Cyclists Party has deregistered as Federal political party. Discussions as to what this means for the party to contest at the state level are ongoing but we feel we should maintain an active, independent voice for cycling and will be canvasing our members about how to best do this.

Do members of the Australian Cyclists Party need to change their affiliation?

Australian Cyclists Party encourages  it's members them to join the REASON Party (Reason Australia) as a member at the federal level - this will not affect their current membership status of the ACP at state level.


Next Steps

Sign-up for free  to become a supporting member of REASON Australia whom are in the process of filling for registration as  a NEW Federal political party, when this process is complete you will have become a supporter member of  REASON a Federal political party.



How Australian Cyclist Party members can join REASON


Australian Cyclist Party members can join REASON Australia for FREE. 

Reason is in the process of signing up the requisite 550 Members to register with the Australian Electoral Commission as a new political party. Sign up as one of our founding Members here!