Approach & Values - Our Code

REASON is an inclusive, forward looking and pragmatic movement for real change.

The REASON Constitution & the REASON Manifesto will detail our approach and our values, and commit all members to abide by the REASON Code, which is outlined below.

  • REASON is non-partisan
  • REASON is evidenced-based
  • REASON is diverse and inclusive
  • REASON is participatory


REASON will be evidence-based. REASON will pursue principled and pragmatic policy, with a view to the future. REASON is guided by long-term concerns for the economy and our environment, rather than short-term interest, to ensure justice and prosperity for this, and future generations.

REASON unites people of all genders, ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, beliefs and experiences in the shared determination to extend opportunity to all members of society. REASON embraces diversity, so that all can flourish.

REASON aims to deliver new methods of engagement and consultation, to improve access to the political process, especially for young Australians and minorities. We seek to democratise government institutions and electoral processes. We seek to galvanise the skills, support and ideas of regular people - to facilitate grassroots change. And we seek to involve members in important decisions.


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